Is life really not perfect or is it just missing the right soundtrack?


George Gershwin said, life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise.


Charlotte Wolff and Ralf Schulze and their musicians set out to find the truth behind this. „La La Lallala“ is the story of two people in an urban setting with a passion for... something – what for is for the audience to decide. The two performers will then take us through the ups and downs, the near-misses and the almost-theres that two people following their dreams will encounter on their ways.


It's a story about love, about meeting and meeting again, about trying and failing, about searching and being found and getting lost again. Like life. Like jazz. Like improv. Will there be a happy-ending? Though unlikely, there is always a chance. But in the end, the audience will see, what could have been and should have been.

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